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At World Tankers Management we recognize and accept that social media can be a convenient, and pleasing way for employees to share news and views with friends, family and colleagues and other interested parties. However, as the use of social media does present certain risks and places responsibilities on those who use it, we have formulated this policy requiring that- Employees must keep in mind that they are ultimately responsible for what they post online and realize that comments, photographs or video clips can cause harm (sometimes inadvertently) to establishments and reputations, so therefore to think twice before posting. Furthermore to be honest and accurate and avoid posting rumors or information for which supporting facts are not available and to state that the views expressed are their own and not the Company’s.

Employees must also maintain the confidentiality of this company’s business-related information, technology, processes plans and security related material. Photographs taken of operational areas onboard shall not be posted.

Employees must understand that the Company will take strict disciplinary action against any employee who is proven to have willfully or maliciously ignored this policy and its requirements.


We shall implement this policy by clearly advising all employees of its contents at time of joining the company, by stressing that employees with any complaints or grievances or knowledge of transgressions, must contact their superior first rather than take to social media as a primary means of seeking redress or making public their discoveries. We shall listen to complaints or grievances and take action to correct genuine ones.

We shall monitor on-line posts relating to the company We shall also take note of any infringements of the policy seen or reported to us and take suitable action to deal with the employee responsible.

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