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Social Media Policy

The Company makes certain commitments concerning how we interact with the public and each other, and these commitments apply to interactions that occur on social media platforms as well.  We expect the same commitments from all Company representatives, employees, including Company associates and associates of our agencies, vendors and suppliers


  • The Company promotes employee welfare however sound judgment and common sense must prevail. The personnel must adhere to the Company’s values, and follow the same Company policies that you follow in the offline world.


  • WTM will reasonably monitor your behavior in the social media space, establish appropriate protocols for establishing our social media presence, and keep appropriate records of your participation as dictated by law and/or industry best practices.


  • The Company respects the rights of its employees and associates and its authorized agencies’ associates to use blogs and other social media tools not only as a form of self-expression, but also as a means to further the Company’s business. It is important our associates and our agencies are aware of the implications of engaging in social media and online conversations that reference the Company, its brands, or its business, and that they recognize when the Company might be held responsible for their behavior.  Our expectations for personal and professional/official use of social media are set forth separately below.


  • When any employee or associate is talking about WTM, or their business on their personal social networks, following must be kept in mind:


1)    WTM’s HSSE, Environment, Energy Conservation and other policies still apply. 


2)   Each Person is responsible for his actions. WTM encourages each employee to get online, but advise him to use sound judgment and common sense before he posts any comment about the Company. If any person is in doubt, he should not post his comment.


3) Each Person is an important ambassador for WTM, and is encouraged to promote the Company and refrain from posting inaccurate information or information which is not appropriate.


4) When any employee notices posts or commentary on topics that require subject matter expertise, the Company’s environmental impacts, or the Company’s financial performance, they must avoid the temptation to respond to these directly unless he responds with the approval of the Company. When in doubt, he must contact the DPA or Managing Director.

Rajindera Prasad
Managing Director
Dated: 15 February 2014