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Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy

World Tankers Management Pte Ltd is committed to provide healthy, secure and safe working conditions, and to establish and maintain safe and pollution free practices, complying with international regulations, standards and requirements.


The Company shall use its best endeavour to achieve high standards of safety through Zero Accidents onboard ships and comply with the relevant legislations, conventions and standards. The Company shall strive to achieve Zero damage to property, Zero pollution to environment, Zero security breaches and Zero detentions to Port State Control Inspections.


In turn, employees are expected to comply with safety and pollution prevention regulations and operational procedures at all times and to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the ship and its cargo, and environment.


In following this policy, World Tankers Management Pte Ltd:


A. Works on the basis that with active management commitment, support and accountability, work related injuries can be prevented by promoting and encouraging high safety standards.


B. Requires the commitment of all personnel to meet standards of health, safety and environmental protection above those normally specified.


C. Employs personnel that have the required skills and experience, and provides support, training and development where necessary or appropriate.


D. Fully endorse the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and in doing so strives to provide a secure working environment by establishing and maintaining security measures in order to prevent any breach of security which will endanger the safety and security of persons, property and environment.


E. Manages vessels and provides practical advice on ship operation which will avoid injury to health or undue environmental impact.


F. Participates in discussion with international maritime and shipowner organizations, trade and industry bodies and any other relevant associations, with a view to assisting the development of economic measures to enhance health and safety at work and to safeguard the environment.


G. Requires that all contractors working on its behalf comply with and follow the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection standards.


H. This Policy is to be implemented immediately, adhered to and constantly maintained both ashore and onboard by all levels of management.

Rajindera Prasad
Managing Director
Dated: 15 February 2014