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Environmental Policy

WTM aims to be at the forefront on matters relating to the protection of the environment and safety at sea.


As an International Ship Management company, WTM Singapore accords high priority and recognizes its responsibilities towards the environment. WTM will continuously strive to improve its performance to reduce the impact on the environment, over which it can expect to have an influence.


The company’s Environment policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and its commitment to continual improvement towards environment protection.


WTM Environmental policy is documented, maintained, communicated and implemented throughout the organization.


WTM shall educate, motivate and train its employees to understand and follow the company’s policy and procedures to achieve Zero Pollution to the Environment.


WTM shall strive to minimize waste and emissions.


WTM shall comply with all relevant national and international legislation, rules and regulations, industry guidelines and practices relevant to the environment.


WTM shall be open to and actively engage in dialogue with company stakeholders and will communicate openly on environmental matters. 


WTM is committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes which relates to its environmental aspect.

Rajindera Prasad
Managing Director
Dated: 15 February 2014