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Energy Conservation Policy

It is World Tanker’s Management Pte. Ltd. policy to promote actions for energy conservation and to carry out activities in the most energy efficient manner.


In following this policy, World Tankers Management Pte. Ltd.:-


·  Shall minimise use of energy as much as possible and consume energy resources in the most efficient way.


·   Shall strive to achieve optimum performance of machinery operations.


·   Shall instill awareness of energy savings amongst all its employees.


·   Shall comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to the energy use, consumption and efficiency.


·   Shall endeavour to reduce energy wastage and operate the vessel cost effectively.


·   Shall encourage proactive leadership at all levels.


·   Shall seek to ensure that contractors and suppliers conform to the Company’s environmental and energy efficiency requirements.

Rajindera Prasad
Managing Director
Dated: 15 February 2014