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Drug and Alcohol Policy

It is the policy of World Tankers Management Pte. Ltd. and the Owners of the vessels it manages that no seafarer is allowed to consume alcohol or be impaired by drugs, other than prescribed drugs when serving onboard any vessel.


In following this policy, World Tankers Management Pte. Ltd.:-


a) Have banned all the alcoholic beverages and un-prescribed drugs, including CANNABINOIDS (THC), COCAINE, OPIATES, PHENCYCLIDINE AND AMPHETAMNES from their managed vessels. Crews are to strictly adhere to a total abstinence from alcohol and drugs during shore leave.


b) Have implemented random testing of all crews, officers and ratings, for banned substances and alcohol to monitor effectiveness of the policy.


c) Control the issue and use of all medical supplies and prescribed medicines on board of vessels they manage.


d) Will consider dismissing instantly anybody.


  • Using alcohol or banned substances on board the vessel.
  • Caught in possession of alcohol or banned substances.
  • Found to have been instrumental in bringing alcohol or banned substances on board the vessel
  • Found to have a positive trace in any random testing samples, unless prior notice, with authorization for use, had been given to the vessel’s Master.


e) Will take disciplinary action, including dismissal, against anybody consuming alcohol or banned substances while on shore leave from the vessel or during the period of 24 hours prior to signing on the vessel at the commencement of their service with the vessel.


f) Require all seagoing staff and new recruits to sign a Declaration of Acceptance of the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Rajindera Prasad
Managing Director
Dated: 15 February 2014