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World Tankers Management condemns and prohibits any form of harassment or bullying and shall do everything possible to eliminate any such treatment of their employees, onboard ships and ashore, and shall strive to provide a working and living environment wherein the dignity, fair treatment and respect for employees is upheld at all levels.



In order to implement the policy, it is first necessary to make employees aware of what Harassment and Bullying constitutes.


Harassment is aggressive pressure on, or intimidation, or overworking of a person that may be exerted mainly by verbal, written or electronic means with the intention of causing a person to be unhappy, to feel degraded and to possibly consider leaving or changing the position or job they hold.

Bullying is an ongoing or deliberate misuse of position or power in relationships between individuals or groups of people, through physical, verbal, psychological or electronic means, intended to cause harm or discomfort to a person or persons, who are unable to stop it from happening.

Recourse for Employees

Persons or persons who feel they are being subjected to harassment or bullying are asked to report such treatment, with all details, to the Company’s Designated Person Ashore, whose contact details are prominently displayed at visible locations. The DPA shall investigate and report his findings to Senior Management. If found valid, the persons responsible for harassment or bullying shall be asked for an explanation, then warned or subjected to disciplinary action as deemed necessary.

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