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World Tankers Management, recognizing that energy conservation is key to ensuring a viable world for future generations, is committed to carefully measuring and managing energy consumption in connection with all our activities onboard ships and ashore, and taking every step possible to reduce such consumption, whilst of course ensuring we meet regulatory safety and environmental criteria, and also operational performance required by charter parties and by our principals

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We shall implement this policy by, amongst other things –

Maintaining machinery in top condition and operating machinery optimally so as to be as energy efficient as possible.

When procuring new machinery or fittings, keep the energy efficiency rating as a key criteria for deciding which type to select.

Planning voyages & navigating in a manner that is most efficient in fuel consumption.

Adjusting work and living space temperature and lighting  to meet ‘just right’ requirements for safety and comfort, both onboard and ashore.

Encouraging, acknowledging and rewarding ideas from all ranks for energy conservation methods.

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