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World Tankers Management, with a view to protect its proprietary software, electronically sensitive equipment, electronically stored or transmitted information, on-line transactions and records and electronically vulnerable assets from all forms of threats, viruses, interference, interception or other malicious intent, will take every possible step to reduce their vulnerability or loss.

This shall compulsorily be done by installing high quality cyber protective systems, ensuring running back-ups of all important information in protected locations or vaults, giving access to systems with selective discretion, ensuring confidentiality of all access codes and by restriction of physical access to all sensitive devices.

Furthermore, personnel shall be made aware of their responsibilities, trained to be proficient in the use of protective methods and required to be vigilant at all times when engaged in the use of the company’s electronic systems onboard and ashore.


The policy shall be implemented by -

  • Appointing a qualified person to be in charge of cyber security.

  • Authorizing such person to take steps as necessary to carry out the company’s policy.

  • Arranging training as necessary for all staff using cyber systems that facilitate company operations.

  • Ensuring the use of strong passwords and other forms of preventing unauthorised access to systems.

  • Drawing up understandable procedures & guidelines that are available to all concerned staff.

  • Drawing up contingency plans to minimize loss and operational efficiency in case of need.

  • Ensuring any detected or suspected breaches of cyber security are promptly reported to the person in charge

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